8 Basic Motions to Challenge Yourself

8 Basic Motions to Challenge Yourself

I marvel at human nature. It’s a strange thing. 😀

Have you noticed how we think that people who excel at sport or fitness-related activities are “heroes” or “superhuman”?

I beg to differ. The average human body, if looked after correctly, was designed to perform at least a specific set of motions without too much strain. You know, back in the day, we didn’t have wheelbarrows or cars or chairs. Sure, sportspersons are extremely dedicated, have bucketloads of talent, and spend practically all their time training and often have specialists training them and looking after their muscles etc. So they will clearly be better than one of us ordinary citizens. However, we must not sell ourselves short. We can do extraordinary things too!

I believe there are basic motions that we really should be able to perform – if we cannot, then it’s a sure sign that intervention is necessary.

I’ve tried to steer away from gym terminology/ jargon and relate these back to daily life as much as possible.

Go through the list and see what you can do! You might just surprise yourself.

If any of these make you feel very uncomfortable, stop immediately.

If you read through the list and wonder how you’re meant to do this, it may be time to have an honest chat with yourself about the state of your health.

Remember: YOU are the only person who can help YOU.

Do you want to be average or awesome? Maybe it’s time for a change!


Daily life challenge:

1. Go down on one knee to tie your shoelaces – and return to standing without a struggle


2. Touch your toes – or at least your shins


3. Walk 5km in under sixty minutes without feeling much exertion


4. Swim 10 lengths in a 20m pool without pausing


5. Go down on your haunches, pick up a small box of books and return to standing without a struggle


6. Row 1000m in under nine minutes


7. Balance and stand on one leg for at least 15 seconds without wobbling


8. Carry 2 heavy bags of groceries about 100m


I would love to hear your input! Do you think it’s a fair list?

How did you do?

One last tip:


😀 😀 😀 Go forth and #BeYourOwnHero