Align your mind


Align your mind

align your mind

A line aligns with other lines, and collectively, make a beeline

for you to see the rigid, solid connectors –

the confused threads flex, then intertwine,

awkwardly dividing the masses of people

into faceless boxes, into an anonymous steeple.

And the enclosure quite suits you;

the restrictive cubicle – handy container for your thoughts.

Thoughtless, careless, you sanction

the limitations placed on you by its borders;

a convenient place to look over your orders.

align your mind - robots

As long as you accept its existence,

a perverted peace remains in your safe sanctuary;

unaware of the intense imminence

of universal bedlam, you remain automated.

Individual thought, creative drive – gone, incinerated.

STIR! AWAKEN! All the breathing beings of the Earth!

Fight for the integrity of this destination

where we find our birth, our berth.

Open your eyes, your mind’s eye…

realign your mind!

In your make-believe box, remain: resigned; confined; behind.

align your mind

© Annalinde Louw 2013

photo credit: Ian Sanewhiz-kasⓘndy° via photopin cc

This piece was written on 12 February 2013