The beauty in his death

The beauty in his death


The intriguing journey of life brought you to a place

with boundless happiness, faith, hope, and love,

and years worth of laughter etched upon your face;

you now walk to the welcoming, loving arms of the One above.


Your kind manner and soft-spoken words will surely be amiss.

The absence of your loving heart and concern for others,

your wisdom, logic, and limitless breadth of knowledge leave an empty space

that can never be filled, but will be eased over time only by God’s Grace.

I’m assured that you’re fully at ease,

completely renewed in His glorious presence,

calm, pure, released of concerns and disease

you can absorb and enjoy God’s shining omnipotence.


And as you left here your very last breath

God, please let those left behind experience

the beauty in his death.

*Let us give even when we are stripped of everything;

*let us dry tears even when we are still crying.

And as you left here your very last breath,

God, please let us all feel and see

The beauty in his death.

For Jan van Niekerk Louw, loving husband and father; November 2011

(*containing some words from Aleph by Paulo Coelho)

© Annalinde Louw (excl. the words by Paulo Coelho) 2012