Buzz away the robots

 Buzz away the robots

buzz away the robots

Relentless restlessness;

like the unremitting ebb and flow of the tide,

the interrupting, enabling commotion does not dawdle,

the visits are short and pointed.

Objective: to interfere

with the Electricity jumping hoops

between linkages in the circuitry of our Thought.

buzz away the robots

And interfere – it does –

often I can’t find my mind.

M.I.A.! Trotting off to astonishing terrain;

conjuring up things one dare not grant birth-right.

For these amazements, once birthed, may melody an unearthly refrain

that can’t be encompassed by the metallic minds

of the unenlightened androids that rule this planet.

buzz away the robots

Hence we remain caught in a woeful, worldly refrain…

A gain, a gain, and a gain.

© Annalinde Louw 2012

Don’t just follow – lead – in everything you do, it is possible. Buzz away the robots!

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This piece was written on 18 November 2012