Charity begins at home, in your body!


Charity begins at home, in your body!

charity begins at home

There is that old adage, “Charity begins at home.” and I think that it can have multiple meanings.

Your body is your home. Have you ever thought, seriously, about the fact that if your body gives up on you, that’s it..?


charity begins at home (in your body) asinghlife alfriendo

The sad case of the modern human is that the majority of illnesses are avoidable. We have become victims of our own endless desire for convenience, and with convenience there are often strange ingredients being added to foods that our bodies aren’t capable of processing.

Have you stopped to wonder where low-fat or skim milk come from? There are no low-fat or skim cows! 🙄

These and related products have been altered by a process to end up in that state. And this makes me rather paranoid. Personally, I’d rather be paranoid than dead.

OK, all that aside, here is a simple question – why do we not prioritise our own health over everything else?

If I am not healthy, I will not be very nice to people around me.

If I am not healthy, I will not be very productive at the office.

If I am not healthy, I will not be in my best spiritual state of being.

If I am not healthy, I can certainly not look after others in the best way possible.

Health is the crucial first step to a complete and fulfilled existence.

Commit to taking care of you.

Repeat after me:

I promise to spend 15 minutes every day doing something that my body will thank me for in 3 months’ time.


1) 15 minutes walking

2) 15 minutes in nature

3) 15 minutes’ meditation

4) 15 minutes’ yoga

5) 15 minutes being silent

6) 15 minutes’ body weight exercises in your lounge

Remember, it’s pretty easy to talk, but now let’s go out there and be true to our promises. #BeYourOwnHero


Initially published on LinkedIn