Clouds are the enemy

Clouds are the enemy

I wander along a deserted, misty beach.

I search for some reason; meaning; wisdom; oxygen;

a conclusion that my stubbornly-beating heart must reach.

The dawn of each day attacks me like a violent pathogen:

devouring my rationality, logic and creativity;

not letting up at all, not giving me a moment’s chance to see

the path drawn open for me,

the path drawn so very wide open just for me.

Clouds scrum around me; they threaten my space;

I search for a happy song with which to chase

their angry faces from my mind,

and leave their harsh accusations far, far behind.


I ponder upon happy words – yet I never find the right ones.

Happy… what exactly is happiness?

We all speak of it, but do we truly know it?

I do not know its definition or its appearance.

I wonder if I ever shall.


Steadily, the relentless sunshine pattering in through the dense cloud-mass

shines a fierce light upon my shrouded path of confusion,

and actively burns away all my fearful memories of dark times:

it scorches all sadness,

it incinerates my feelings of madness,

it ignites my being,

it leaves me knowing, feeling and seeing;

it roars in my heart…


I believe.



And I feel alive.


clouds are the enemy
© Annalinde Louw 2006
This piece was written on 7 October 2006
The image is my property – please do no reproduce.