The conductor


The Conductor


The conductor:


sleeves chaotically dotted with a kaleidoscopic jumble of ideas gone past,

splashes bits of universal cacophony

as far as the waiting ears can see.

As far as the impatient eyes can hear,

and the anxious nose can feel,

and the impulsive hands can detect the scent;

the fantastic scent of the wholly heaven-sent.


The infinitesimal squelches of honey made just for the mind

desire to stick… hence get trapped between the chamber orchestra of my heart

and my once-present fiery passion –

now yearning pathetically for the Symphony of Silence;

for the Concerto of Calm, the Peaceful Polka, followed loudly by

the Tranquility Theme.
The sound-splatters tint, smear and brush canvasses of glory

against the temporary wall of clarity behind the cloud-mass of thought,

inspiring originality beyond that which instruction brought.

Oh, what a delight;

a purely blissful moment,

when one is able to be; simply, free…


© Annalinde Louw 2012

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This piece was written on 13 November 2012