Trip, Fall? Continue, even if you crawl!

Trip, Fall? Continue, even if you crawl!

Along the journey towards better health, there seems to be a series of misconceptions implanted in our brains.

This is one of them:

Success is defined as one huge, amazing, all-at-once achievement

Sounds about right, right?



Success, in my experience, is a repeated cycle of preparation, improvement, tripping, falling, slowing/ stalling, maybe even regressing… then a huge mind-battle ending with a figurative slap in the face – a fresh jab of determination to move forward again.

That, my dears, is success.

  • Nobody finished a marathon merely because they started.
  • Nobody climbed to the top of Mount Everest in one huge leap.
  • Nobody ever became a master at any sport after one attempt.
  • Nobody shed 40kg of body fat because they ate one plate of steamed vegetables.
  • Nobody ever displayed beautifully-sculpted muscles because of one amazing weights session.


It’s that one decision, every day, that becomes an amazing success over time.

It’s just that one thing…

  • One chocolate that goes uneaten
  • One soft drink that you don’t end up buying
  • One spoon of sugar that you remove from your coffee
  • One walk you do despite being tired
  • One gym session when you “don’t have time”
  • One time you suggest a physical activity as an outing
  • One time you start reading the labels on your food
  • One time you take responsibility for your health
  • One time you become your own hero

Success is the repetition of small improvements/ victories


Trip, fall, continue, even if you crawl!

Simple truth: The Road to Health is a long road, and it’s not an easy journey.


But please don’t take my word for it.

Commit to one healthier decision every day, and see for yourself.


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2 thoughts on “Trip, Fall? Continue, even if you crawl!

  1. Anthony Wilson says:

    Brava mia cara !
    My experience is that activity is always preferable to inactivity, regardless of how little one is inclined to move one’s butt and do.
    As Nike’s trademark suggests, “Just Do It.”

    • Thanks for reading, Antz! Yeah, indeed, us humans seem to have missed that point somewhere along the way. However, I want to stress that the most important thing is making a healthier food decision once a day (at least) 🙂

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