CRASH conformance

 CRASH conformance

Crash conformance - we forfeit ourselves to be like others

Parallels appear to govern Life

lines, sections, lanes, sanctions.

Little Robot Zombie infants are taught:

Conformance is King;

obey, observe, fit in, merge, match.

Do as you ought!
Crash conformance - follow blindly like sheep

Exceptional = unacceptable.

Molecules stretch until the chemical bonds

holding them together

ache at the mere notion

of independent motion.

Whatever you do,

ensure your action corresponds.

Going off-course is a mortal offence –

eternal payback, at once, to commence…

Humans <> equations.

Normality encompasses deviations.

Crash conformance - waves at Dias Beach

Whatever you do,

initiate interpersonal imbalance,

cultivate cultural collisions!

Encourage the exceptional –

massacre mediocrity.

Crash conformance - stand out; Kasteelpoort. @aLfriendo

© Annalinde Louw 2014

STAND OUT! BE YOURSELF. Do not be afraid.

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photo credit: Brett Jordan


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The other images are my property – please do not reproduce. Taken at Dias Beach, Cape of Good Hope, and Kasteelpoort, Table Mountain, South Africa.

This piece was written on 20 May 2014