Destroy myself

Destroy myself

I plan carefully the foundation of my downfall;

such a construction must be steady on the ground

so that, if the machinations may stall,

there will be little destruction to the creations around.

destroy myself - the foundation of my downfall

Destroy myself; and keep peace with the neighbours:

quite an ironic objective

since these people in my life only add to my labours

and build a love best called defective.

Too much; it’s become an exponential component of disgust.

Too long, an incomplete project left outside for years to rust.

So such is the tornado engulfing my mind;

so strong that all true emotions are left behind.

destroy myself

Leave me be – I turn to dust.

Let me see the regression of a love once fruitful.

Leave me here – I need no rescue.

Let me hear the stillness signifying the absence of you.

destroy myself

The peace, the quiet,

the calm after the riot.

I’m left alone, presently not whole;

at least with no-one pretending to fill your role.

destroy myself

© Annalinde Louw 2009

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This piece was written on 7 January 2009