Determined pressure


Determined pressure

Hearts of ice

Existing insistence

to prove existence;


resolute blood flows through the arteries,

coursing onward to power the machinery of Life.

With untold urgency

like a thundering wave,

bullying its way across the sea,

it fulfils the crucial purpose, outshining the brave.

This daily metronome remains unquestioned;

until threatened it is not even mentioned.

Heart, blood, avenues;

the core of our Animation,

continue unbeknownst to us,

fighting, marching, every second

somehow overpowering enemies

with little show of indignation;


never to be rewarded for its pure determination.

Determined pressure - arteries

© Annalinde Louw 2013

photo credit:

Trois Têtes (TT)iyad La

via photopin

Don’t take your body and health for granted; it’s something we need to pay serious attention to, especially in this age of convenience food items being favoured over real, healthy food. The determined pressure of  blood coursing through body will not always simply continue regardless of the way we seem to ignore all the health alarms…

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This piece was written on 7 July 2013