Julius Malema, what’s your disruption really worth?

Disruption - Julius Malema

We arrive at this disheartening split in the road,

singing a melodic chorus of grumbles and groans.

At the very mention of route decision
we crumple up our tired faces in disgust.
The mediocrity of behaviour makes us recoil
like the sight of a ruptured boil,

onto which the casual gaze was abruptly thrust.


of abuse of power,

of fraud and corruption,

of the trusty trickle of that leaky Shower

Disruption - Jacob Zuma

is not disruption at all,

as long as your cunningly collusive feet
are ready for the impending fall.

Let’s not stand for delusion;
we appreciate the necessary intrusion;
alas, please turn down the noise,
quietly take your flamboyant bow.

Ask The Puppet Master:

Who’s liable now?


© Annalinde Louw 2014

Dear Julius Malema, look who’s talking! (Sadly!)

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This piece was written on 27 August 2014