I am humanity

I am humanity

I am humanity


I am broken,

tiny shards of my being poke holes in each other.

I am open,

shiny holes of nothingness beckon curious passers-by.

I am bruised,

lines and patches draw maps of mayhem under my skin.

I am used,

mines extract the prized valuables within my soul.

I am clutching, grasping,

frantically gasping

for crisp, pure, freedom air,

that was once for all to share.

Even in my brokenness, indeed I have purpose:

I am a crooked crutch,

I am the coming-apart glue,

I am the dial-up connection between me and you, you and you.


I am the used, the broken open and bruised;

broken open to welcome

the reality, the news;

yours, please, to choose.

Day in, day out,

rise to the rooftop to proclaim and shout!

I am new, I am free!

I am you, I am me!

Written in delight upon my face:

please welcome me!

I am the human race.


I am humanity

© Annalinde Louw 2013

We are all connected. You are humanity, I am humanity. Let’s not forget that. Let’s stand together and fix this broken world!

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photo credit: Giulia Bartra,  NickWeiler

via photopin

This piece was written on 14 November 2013