Idol is as idle does…


Idol is as idle does - respect

Idol is as idle does…


leave no room for selves, improvised.

The masses must robotically follow,

be influenced by the mega-manic behaviour on TV screens.


No worry about what Life truly means,

frolicking about insanely with little care for the impact.

The meaningless nonsense that is communicated

if we cared the tiniest shred, would be eradicated.

Idol is as idle does - tunnel-vision












The thoughtless tunnel-visioned horizons,

the trivialities that are broadly related,

leave our aching minds dull, irradiated;

gasping for fresh input,

meaningful knowledge to be intimated;
Idol is as idle does - empty communication










Searching for photons to absorb

and show some mere glint…

any ray of insight

into our darkening plight

that pathetically, leaves us unable

to take flight to the Heavens of imagination.

The spreading intellectual stagnation:

the most delightful fuel for worldwide conflagration.
Idol is as idle does - world on fire













© Annalinde Louw 2013

Idol is as idle does – put some thought into the people you look up to; are they really deserving of your admiration? Look inside youself to access the real power 🙂

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This piece was written on 15 September 2013