Ignite your Might

Ignite your Might

ignite your might - find your fire

Ignite. Find your fire.

Aspire. Reach. Reach upward. Reach inward.

Grasp at the glittering fragments of God and the Universe within your being.

Don’t deny the destiny of the ions within your living crust

that long to break away and connect with the Consciousness of the cosmos.

We are each our own divine window to God…

Communication Supreme does not occur through channels –

become aware and realise the Light is within you.

The sleepy maelstrom of mediocrity this world finds itself hurling towards

is evidence of the disgust that we create – we have forgotten our very purpose.


In this world we each have to be our own motivator, our own counsellor –

we go around in aimless circles of selfishness: hurting each other,

and burdening others with our mindless boulders of sadness and dread.

The tumours of madness we have cultivated can only be slain by the Light we each possess.

We are all connected as the beams of Light strive to combine and shine as One.


Shine. Radiate.

Emit the God within you.

Broadcast Awareness.

Let it be known.


let us not be alone.

ignite your might - fire within

© Annalinde Louw 2012

Strive each day to ignite your might in any small way!

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This piece was written on 9 August 2012