Inhabitants of Jozi

Inhabitants of Jozi *

We sleep to the humming of the mosquitoes in our ears.

Seemingly, strangers in our own beds;

translating their parasitic theft from our bloodstreams to sensible thoughts in our heads.


Reassuring Police sirens calm our raging fears.

The sweet and pacifying lullaby of electric fencing;

tick, tick, ticking in our overwhelmed minds as we wait to see what the sunrise will bring.


The next day rolls over into one long blur of activity

gracefully – as the fluffs of cloud that rise above the day’s troubles.


You are another creature altogether.

The sunrise will keep us mesmerized forever.

inhabitants of jozi

© Annalinde Louw 2012

This piece was written on 28 March 2012

(*Jozi – colloquial word for Johannesburg)

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