Life is strange?

Life is strange - quesions





Life is strange… life is what we make of it!


Life is strange.

This sheer, shiny speck of information

evidently eludes my day-to-day,

run-of-the-treadmill thinking.

Run off the treadmill..?


There, we seem to sit around, waiting,

for a miraculous, wayward waybill:

delivery of all our dreams’ fulfilment.
When the garden birds look at you

judgmentally, raising their curious eyebrows

as if to comment, competently,

on the ship Captain’s competency,
reluctantly, retrospectively, one becomes mindful

of the inferior content used to make your mind full.

Life is strange - complexity

Sometimes, there simply are

more questions than answers.


You’ve been wickedly wrung out

prodded, pushed, bustled, bulldozed;

left in the tumble-dryer by accident;

by mistake, and then, once again…
and then again,

all we have to offer is,

“Life is strange.”

Life is strange - sketch

© Annalinde Louw 2014

Sincere thanks to R.S. for being the topic-starter and one of my very few, very loyal readers. Thank you for all your input.

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This piece was written on 12 June 2014