Micropoetry Episode 2

Micropoetry: Episode 2

A draped haze sits loosely around the shoulders of Madame Moon;
my gaze, trapped by Her eyes: bewilderingly soothing witchcraft magic.
Sail busily through days and miss this treasure?
Pelagic tragedy.

28 Nov 2014


The sizzling, glistening Orb
holds all of our bated life-breath.
In less than a second, threatens
to absorb all the World’s Dreams:
left gliding, mistily evaporating
limp and lifeless.
All your days: less concern for others’ views.
Awaken your Heart, don’t live life on snooze…

30 Nov 2014


The trees’ branches gush along playfully,
unaware of the horrors of humanity.
They dip and dive, swish and swirl;
I watch their happiness sweetly unfurl.
Alas, it is here in nature that we can see
the beauty that living in the moment can be.
Too bad we avoid our own fulfilment
by planning, hoping, postponement.

10 Dec 2014


left with no other choice,
my mind’s divide
crumbles unwillingly to the gutter.
Ridden over repeatedly;
decisions squeezed from between
the depressed tar and oppressed rubber shoes
that leave one little room to choose…
my minds divide.

13 Mar 2015


flashes of light elicit the purest joy
from memories encased in things we learnt.
We learnt to be who they wanted us to be;
but now sheep graze as far as the eye can see…
Homeward-turned, I learnt to be me.

18 Mar 2015


© Annalinde Singh 2014

photo credit:

Moon Shine

“And like a colorful bloom of temporary lights in the sky, you will shine.”  ― Chad Sugg

Wind Dance


Lioness after the meal

via photopin (license)