Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter

Today as I write, my motivation is pretty low. I’m not superhuman; and I think we all go there once in a while. Things are not going according to plan with a few aspects of life, and here I am, down in the dumps.

I injured my leg (hip, adductor and surrounds) and hence can do basically no exercise without risking further injury. Having become highly reliant on my daily dose of exercise to build energy and decrease stress levels, this “inability” frustrates me immensely.

Having enjoyed a short chat with a colleague a little while ago, I realised that I truly need to listen to my own advice today – I often tell people that when it comes to eating healthily and exercising, and improving your life in general,

Only you can help you – if you need a hero, it needs to be YOU.

What it really comes down to is is one simple decision: be happy, or be unhappy.

If your current situation (it can be related to anything) makes you feel unable to be happy, only you can do anything about it.

This may seem over-simplified, but I guarantee if you think about it properly, you will agree. There are so many inspiring people all over the world who are doing amazing things and going beyond their “limitations” every single day… why? Because they decided they could.

So, I can’t exercise at the moment, and I will be tortured by the physiotherapist tomorrow… I can sit and be annoyed about it or… I can do something about it.

I got into a bit of research about a few stretches I can do at least to counter the amount of sitting we do daily. There are actually many simple and very useful motions to counter the somewhat insane amount of strain we place on our frames by our (generally) bad posture and way too many hours spent in the same position. 

This may seem immaterial (personally I don’t find my spine and its status immaterial), but with my current injury, it’s as good as it’s going to get at the moment.


Dead last

is greater than

did not finish

which will always trump

did not start

mind over matter

I want to challenge myself, and you,

1. Choose Happiness (can’t go wrong here)

2. Choose Health (don’t think anyone can argue against that, right?)

3. Attempt something you thought you “couldn’t do” within the next 10 days.

4. Repeat. You never know who you will inspire to make a positive change in their lives.

Mindset is a choice – choose to remain positive despite life’s battles…


mind over matter

 I leave you with a few lines from one of my latest favourite songs, 3 Things by Jason Mraz:


Oh, the second thing I do is I close both of my eyes

And say my thank-yous to each and every moment of my life.

I go where I know the love is and let it fill me up inside.

Gathering new strength from sorrow,

I’m glad to be alive.

mind over matter


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