My heart is home

My heart is home

Africa: my heart is home;

where wide waters flood and flow,

and brave beasts roar and roam;

and the roots of Time itself find place to grow.


I am one person standing alone

beneath the brilliantly shining sun,

adoring Nature’s works of intricately carved stone,

watching the wise ants march, and the silly monkeys run.

A mighty thunder builds within my bones;

it chants and sings in empowering tones,

it bursts forcefully into the sun-streaked sky

and lifts its gigantic voice way up on high.


Animals storm, gallop, race through the grassland,

they slither, snake and swim through the marshland.

They are the very place that they live in –

they make the place that my soul belongs in.


They are Africa.

This is Africa.

My Africa.

My heart is home.


© Annalinde Louw 2007
Please feel free to comment, I appreciate all feedback. The image is my property, please do not reproduce. Thank you!This piece was written on 29 September 2007

2 thoughts on “My heart is home

  1. Claudina says:

    Hi Annalinde,

    I really like this fabulous piece that you wrote about being an African – it resonates well with me and reminds me a lot of one of my favourite films amd musical scores of all time – The Lion King! Keep writing!

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