Nameless wonder (Untitled)

Nameless wonder (Untitled)


Explanations, determinations and reiterations

haze up the blue canvas of sky in my mind;

again, again, again, words play like on radio stations,

not knowing of the sunshine which hides behind. 
Time, rhyme, lemon and lime –

all things different in the end add up to one whole,

showing us a confused burst of meaning

which none of us will ever grasp.

Blue is the sky, is the painted ceiling we live beneath,

the colour of melancholy, peace and sorrow.

Blue beads of brackish broth drip from clouds crying for tomorrow.

To see what’s lacking doth commit you to denying all truth…
 …and denying all melancholy, peace and sorrow.

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This piece was written on 5 September 2006

© Annalinde Louw 2006

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