An ode to Johannesburg

An ode to Johannesburg


Too many people let South Africa’s mysterious beauty pass them by…

Johannesburg – your mysteries are many… your wonders are untold.

Your secrets float upon a once-stifled breeze and enter the minds of the uneasy crowds holding back and throbbing their lives towards some further, some higher, some more; some other platform whereupon they wish for their hearts to be further, higher and more… simply more.

No further description is necessary in this mad, sane, fast and slow dash for meaning.

Reality is medication for the insane – their confused minds desire to see the truth, the sadness, the meaningless puddle of swampish broth we’ve created.

But I, I choose to dream.

I choose to smile.

I choose to laugh.

I choose to shine a light in the darkness that surrounds us.

I choose to embrace this life.

I choose heart over money.

I choose to embrace my unreal reality.

I choose this sane madness.

I choose home.

I choose Jozi.


These images are my property. Do not reproduce. Thank you!

These were taken using a BlackBerry Torch camera.

© Annalinde Louw

This piece was edited on 6 March 2013