Open-heartedness caused

Open-heartedness caused

open-heartedness caused pandemonium paused

The tantalising miscommunication

blasts down a cloud of mystical malcontent.

Ubiquitous unease

sifts into the mesh of the humans’ souls,

shifting the little grits of goodness

deep into the crust of what once was Earth.

The crust fills with malicious material

aching to burst forth to greet the light of day;

to shower the world with criminal crumbs,

and unleash chaos unto our delicate reality.

Fanatical fragments

and sanity-lacking specks

float down to find a soft landing on this,

our open-hearted haven: Home.

Refuge received;

pandemonium paused.

See this wondrous phenomenon,

by mere open-heartedness caused.

open-heartedness caused refuge received

© Annalinde Louw 2013

photo credit: Merrick Brown via photopin cc M.Angel Herrero via photopin cc

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This piece was written on 7 April 2013