More power

More power

More power - Johannesburg: head in the clouds

Johannesburg: head in the clouds…

The masses of soft and inviting pillows

carrying our cares away on lovely, floaty billows.





evaporating our sorrows in a wispy rush of delight.

And thus we descend into the dreamy night

wherein we can assess our flaws by pools of ashy light:

assess the process to regress into madness.

To digress, to progress or to proceed towards an egress.

Redirect the indirect to the direct; a directive,

from the up, the down, the all around;


enclosing me like a mud-filled envelope…

I redirect my indirect directness as per the directive,

to the up, the down, the all around;

…gladness,entrenched in me like a holy spring of eternal Hope in my soul, my heart:

This one had more power, from the start.

More power - clouds











© Annalinde Louw 2012

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This piece was written on 7 September 2012