How not to write a song #ASinghLife

Songwriting 101A

Songwriting 101A: How Not To Write A Song

All is Fair in Love and Songwriting

The above quotation (Norah Jones) just made me smile. I’ve recently started sculpting a song, along with my new singing teacher. The chorus melody as well as some of the words popped into my head while driving one day. Paranoid Me was quick to belt it out and record it on my mobile before it disppeared into the night, never to be heard again, or even be dreamt of.

I’ve tried to write songs before. I would write lyrics but get stuck without a decent melody.

Here are some tried and tested ways that will not help you to write a melody:

1) Bashing Your Head Against A Table.

Try it. Have you? Did you write a melody? That’s what I thought.


how not to write a song #ASinghLife

2) Reading Your Lyrics Over And Over Again.

how not to write a song #ASinghLife

Desperate for some musical shape to paste your lyrics into, you read your words over, and over again. So, now you REALLY know the lyrics. Just. Nothing. Else.

3) Going Without Sleep For Extended Periods of Time.

You’re aiming to awaken some crazy extra-creative side of your personality. It either doesn’t work, or that side of you possibly doesn’t exist. It’s OK, you’re not alone.

Nobody loves Grumpy Me. Not even Grumpy Me.

how not to write a song #ASinghLife

4) Listening To Music Non-Stop.

how not to write a song #ASinghLife

In the hope that something in the kaleidoscopic mishmash in your mind will trigger some deep-seated, forgotten, amazing composition talent, you listen to music ALL DAY, every day. Eventually, you just want silence. #Fail

5) Declare War On Yourself.

Feelings of inadequacy start drowning you, and you hit a self-esteem slump.

Maybe you can’t write? Maybe you’re just a campfire singer?

Maybe you should just suck it up and go back to that job you hate?

All these thoughts… Did you write a melody? No.

The most that would come from that would be more lyrics. Theme: PITY PARTY.

how not to write a song #ASinghLife


Just work at it, a little, here and there, take inspiration from life around you…

DON’T GIVE UP! It will come!


how not to write a song #ASinghLife