The sunrise melts my bones

The sunrise melts my bones


The sunrise melts my bones;

creates in my heart inspired tones

of the deepest love one can’t deny

for the African sun in the African sky.

This beyond-beautiful sighting

is due to more than merely glorious lighting

in the air… it’s this deep-rooted feeling of Life:

this place is so alive… the feeling is rife

among the happily-trotting antelope,

the busy badgers that stumble and grope,

looking for rivers of honey

wonderfully sweet, golden and runny.

The fish-eagles soar and scope the waters, sapphire;

and dream of endless flights of freedom for all time; entire.


As rabbits hop by and a lamb seeks its Mother,

hoopoes entertain the Earth with hysterical laughter unlike any other…

Unmistakable crazy cackling creaking critters crooning

in a strange way sends my heart swooning

with the purest love for this amazing Natural Beauty.

It breaks my heart to think what happens here at times

when people struggle and fight,

and revolt against what they see as wrong,

only to end up in a worse state than before…

It breaks my troubled heart,

breaks my destroyed soul,

breaks my very being,

it literally breaks me in two.


One part – deep, undying love.

One part – sure-footed confusion…

building up to make a twisted contusion in my mind

that makes me feel like leaving it all behind;


but never will Africa leave my heart,

for it is where everything makes a start

and it is where everything will one day end…

someday, somehow, Africa will find herself on the mend.

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© Annalinde Louw 2008
This piece was written on 9 June 2008