More power

More power

More power - Johannesburg: head in the clouds

Johannesburg: head in the clouds…

The masses of soft and inviting pillows

carrying our cares away on lovely, floaty billows.





evaporating our sorrows in a wispy rush of delight.

And thus we descend into the dreamy night

wherein we can assess our flaws by pools of ashy light:

assess the process to regress into madness.

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Tired old carpet

Tired old carpet

This life is blind:

the eyes are the mind-

what you see is what you do;

disregarded are all the truths you ever knew.

There is no thought spared for the down-trodden individual

whom, despite its circumstances, is an enlightened intellectual.

Too despaired to change one’s own life-happenings,

another day is born, another day is killed;

many things are too much and you’ve had too much of many things.

tired old carpet - alone

















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