The course of the day

The course of the day


The day begins;

the city enshrouded in a mist almost quilted,

the people awake like flowers once wilted,

and like the towers, stretch and rise above their hazy surroundings.


The day continues.

The eye of God peeks over the horizon, and sadly sees

the meek people’s hopes and dreams just floating upon the breeze…

The Light bursts through the smog of meaningless tales and news.

The day ends –

the night-sky illuminated by all the people’s hearts’ desires;

they glimmer brightly in the darkness like rubies and sapphires.


They sit there, dreamily waiting to be realised:

In life, Immortalised,

in vain, idolised.


The Light pierces the darkness – always.



the day begins.

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© Annalinde Louw 2011

Posted for D. Allen, my dear friend, who enjoys this poem immensely.

Thank you for lasting friendship.

This piece was written on 12 April 2011

2 thoughts on “The course of the day

  1. Jeanette says:

    I Love this poem. the Light vs Darkness theme always inspires me… Well done AL keep on bringing us more goodness.

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