There, far…

There, far…

asinghlife alfriendo 

There, far, where the sky meets the earth

on an unbroken line of stark reality,

sparkle the infinite lights that beckon my heart.

There, far, where the eye sees the birth

of an unpolluted, crisp morning;

there hides the magic that war can not part.


There, far, majestic glints of beauty leave the eyes blind

and blinking, in awe of the undeniable proof

of this superb Creation’s timeless magnificence.

There, far, behind the barricades in my mind

rise the unmistakable, bold beams of Hope;

shining light upon God’s unbreakable omnipotence.


The Light bursts open my struggling heart’s question,

breaks bravely through Life’s choking congestion;

leaving my Thirst forever sated,

my Pains all alleviated;

my worn-out being flooded with Energy;

granting new life, undeserved, unto me.

asinghlife alfriendo

© Annalinde Louw 2010 
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This piece was written on 24 September 2010