Unentertained - one with the skies

I am one with the skies –

the delightful sapphire mass sits comfortably within my soul;

lighting up the zealous fires of my heart – dazzling my very eyes.

Alive in the fluff-mass, effortlessly I transport myself

from one cloud-community to another.

The teleportation to this location

allows me to leave behind, ignore, avoid,

the saddening reality of my misaligned existence.

The unentertained capacity in my mind

strains at length, looking for some mission to find;

instead paints exquisite canvases in the air,


for someone

who cares to share

the careless abandon, the crisp, ever-magnifying elation

basically, beautifully, bliss:

such, beyond the understanding of the human brain;

staggering, startling, stunning…

the Universe simply can’t contain.

And in my lifetime no-one will explain

what we did to be drenched by this flood of prosperity

now disappearing; devoured by us so hastily.

Unentertained - flood of prosperity

© Annalinde Louw 2013

Photo credit: jjjohnEleder

via photopin

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An unentertained mind is one that is in pain!

This piece was written on 24 May 2013