Utopia; you know you’re here,

when we say we don’t give in to fear.

We wear the panic around our necks

and sleep sweetly hoping the need does not arise

for us to awaken and in shock, widen our eyes,

press the button, hold our breaths waiting

for help to arrive; assistance in this situation

when we don’t give in to fear even though the panic is here.


utopia - panic

In a dream, cheerful unicorns gallop through evergreen meadows;

butterflies flit around carelessly among the trees

And in this dream, no bad intentions hide in the shadows;

we rest under the sparkling skies, infinitely at ease.


utopia - unicorn


However, dreams cannot be realised without releasing some reality.

The sun rises brightly and for some, it becomes clarified; clear to See:

if not for them, if not for us, if not for you, if not for me…
if not the entire society compassionately grows enough to See,

this dream will only ever a dream be.


utopia - dream remains a dream

© Annalinde Singh 2015

My thinking here is that a Utopia-like state of being will only ever be sustainable if we help the rest of humanity (now with handouts – with education and letting people create their own wealth) to come along with us. There seems to be a movement towards creating settlements where people can live “in peace” and be “left alone” but I daresay that such arrangements will only create further divides and certainly do not guarantee the safety or Utopia-dream of any individual. Come now, humans… it’s about time we realise that we are One.

photo credit: duncan, Squirrel Picnic, Peter Sheik via photopin