Words unheard

Words unheard

The oxygen particles in my mind

race around like water droplets on fast-forward.

They hope not to be left beneath or behind

as the future pulls them onward.


Onward toward a crisp, fresh, clean universal plane;

a world unknown, which will remain at peace and pure.

With the interference of the robots we’ve become inane –

sculpting a new breed of thoughtless machines with a lengthened tenure.


Behind this podium the words fly into the sky unspoken and unheard;

and shatter upon impact with the atmosphere,

making silent insinuations of the absurd

and scattering all spoken thoughts of fear.


The words unheard churn in my mind like a whirlpool of madness,

disappearing in the midst of rolling clouds of overwhelming, violent sadness.

© Annalinde Louw 2011
This piece was written on 24 March 2011
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