The world

The world

This is the world: it is upside-down;

a smile is a frown,

a verb is a noun,

a hamlet is a town.


This is the world: it is inside-out;

a whisper is a shout,

a grin is a pout,

a good man is a lout.


This is the world: it gobbles you up;

you deserve a goblet, you get a tin cup;

you deserve a palace, you get locked up;

you deserve a fair trial, a conspiracy is cooked up.

This is the world: guilty until proven innocent;

your chance at justice is zero per cent.

Humans do this to the world: by their greed

they do anything to look after their need.


Life is not what it’s meant to be.

Why can none of these bureaucrats see:

they will never be able to mend the tears?

It seems as if no one actually cares.


Going to sleep at night, ridden with ugly fears;

you fight it, but can’t stop the tears

that stream down your face.

What the world has done to you, my friend, it is a complete disgrace.


© Annalinde Louw 2003

This piece was written on 4 August 2003
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