Your return is prohibited

Your return is prohibited


It’s late at night,

rain drips outside my window.

The spectrum will soon turn to light;

another day’s passed – what have I to show?

I reach into the darkness:

the murky pool of black distortion

turns into my likeness:

a blur of hazy misproportion.

your return is prohibited - blur of me


I lose all identity facing the faint smudge of me.

I try to hide from my reflection;

I seek strength and invigoration – come to me!

I am losing my last fundamental conviction.

I start accounting for damages

that I got from this infection:

my very soul is severed; logic aimlessly ravages

in a non-existent place for a remedy for this affliction.

your return is prohibited - memories

How arrested within a memory can I be?

You have left me with reminders of what should’ve been.

I don’t know why it took so long to dawn on me:

in my life’s movie you should not be seen.

You invade my sacred space,

and act as if it’s your own place.

You may not have known; now let me inform you

that you are evicted; get out of my mind:

your return is prohibited – just leave me behind.

I have no inclination, obligation or jurisdiction to restore you.


I reach through the darkness into the bright;

I move from the morose dark blemish into the light.

I reign victorious as king of the night.

Smiling, I ban you from my sight.

I focus all my energy and all my might;

my chest and lungs feel much less tight,

and so, feeling life itself, through and through,

and so, I breathe without you,

and finally, I exist anew.

your return is prohibited - I exist anew

© Annalinde Louw 2005

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This piece was written on 24 October 2005