Zero zeal


Zero zeal

zero zeal - alone


sly, cunning, conniving,

sneaky little gurgles emanating evil thoughts

create the stinging cold within my bones.

The feeling furiously flows,

viciously; slicing at my soul.

Unrelenting unease grows

and razors away parts of my whole;


seemingly never to be ameliorated.

Nevertheless, a query makes its dwelling

inside the core of my validity.

Possible for it ever to be alleviated?


The cold within my bones

freezes up my essence –

and seeps into my arteries.

Functionalities about to seize;


limbs – wintry; never heating up,


withholding pulse from the core.


Despite the balmy, steaming, overflowing cup,


I can’t warm up anymore.

zero zeal - I can't warm up anymore

© Annalinde Louw

photo credit: tricky (rick harrison) via photopin ccvgm8383 via photopin cc

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This piece was written on 18 March 2013