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Retrenchment Recess: Episode 2

Retrenchment Recess:

Episode 2

A few months ago, I started singing lessons. I’d been coached for a while a few years ago, but the coach and I had some differences relating to genre focus, and the non-operatic capability of my vocal range, and as such, we parted ways eventually. I am really enjoying my singing lessons now, and I get along really well with my new vocal coach. Happiness.

So, it’s been quite handy with all this free time (when I’m not swanning from coffee shop to coffee shop) that I can go to class and then come home and spend the rest of the good and creative mood thrashing out some ideas on the piano while the music is still rushing through my veins, much like the waters in a raging river heading towards a waterfall.

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Misconceptions About Creativity

Misconceptions About Creativity

It’s not something that just comes in a dream. You’ve got to work at it.

-Sean Lennon

There seems to be this truly unfortunate misconception about the arts.

I think many of the creative streams are viewed as hobbies or pastimes rather than Real Work. (I saw you smirking right there!)

It’s quite saddening, really, knowing that, and thinking of all the talent, skill, emotion, time and energy that go into creative activities.

Fair enough, I’m probably not an objective participant in this discussion.

However, even things I probably also view more as a pastime (e.g. mosaic) take an immense amount of preparation, thought, energy and dedication.

And money.

And disturbed fingertips.

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How not to write a song #ASinghLife

Songwriting 101A

Songwriting 101A: How Not To Write A Song

All is Fair in Love and Songwriting

The above quotation (Norah Jones) just made me smile. I’ve recently started sculpting a song, along with my new singing teacher. The chorus melody as well as some of the words popped into my head while driving one day. Paranoid Me was quick to belt it out and record it on my mobile before it disppeared into the night, never to be heard again, or even be dreamt of.

I’ve tried to write songs before. I would write lyrics but get stuck without a decent melody.

Here are some tried and tested ways that will not help you to write a melody:

1) Bashing Your Head Against A Table.

Try it. Have you? Did you write a melody? That’s what I thought.


how not to write a song #ASinghLife

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Deranged Piano

Deranged Piano

It’s nights like these that I wish I’d bothered with music theory so that I could frantically play out all my frustration on the piano until 4am.

Play until my head is pounding,
hands are shaking and my neighbours’ ears
reverberate with the buried afterthoughts of their childhoods. ‪#‎deranged‬


My Dear Humans,
Please put down your phone, pay attention, and read this carefully:
Never, ever let the opportunity to learn music, music theory, or anything to do with music, pass you by. I’ve learnt <snort!> the hard way. It’s not pretty, realising at the age of 30 that my true passion lies in something that was presented to me my entire childhood, but I really just didn’t put enough work in, and snubbed it as boring or too difficult. Obviously, that is absolute nonsense. I have a real talent with no polish. Hard days and nights ahead!
Don’t let that happen to you.