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Diving into the Scrum

Diving into the Scrum


Before you laugh, one moment.

This post is *not* about rugby.

Actually, I quite dislike rugby. I could probably easily write a few posts about how much I don’t like it, but let’s leave it at that..!

So, things got a little bit serious in the previous post…

Being one of The Retrenched*, the thoughts that grace my mind with their presence while I’m sitting at the how-many-eth coffee shop can get somewhat out of hand if left to their own devices.

I’m actually quite impressed with how unfazed I’ve remained although things haven’t been particularly exciting on the job-hunt-front… UNTIL NOW. [cue triumphant trumpet music]

It’s been a really good time for me to do all sorts of annoying personal admin, but mostly to spend good, focused time on my singing and songwriting. It isn’t going as quickly as one would like, but hey, that’s creativity for you. I sang a KT Tunstall cover (Universe & U) a few days ago, and although my nerves nearly got the better of me, I am very happy with the performance. The creativity is there, the voice is there, and my performance skills are merely a work in progress. You can watch the video clip here. Feel free to leave a comment here or on Facebook.

A few months ago, a complete stranger (some strangers are incomplete) contacted me on LinkedIn and made me aware of a role I could fulfil which was similar to work I’d been doing before My Impending Freedo(o)m began. This role is called a Scrum Master. Initially I thought it was a joke and went about the business of my retrenchment. After some research, I realised that this well-intentioned person made a good point. Thank you, AvdW! Scrum and Agile just seem so simple, logical and the way to go! Becoming a Scrum Master became a no-brainer for me… despite the glaring, horrific, insanely ironic reality that I, me, the biggest hater of rugby, would put this on my LinkedIn profile as my job title eventually. I still snigger behind my own back about it most days. [Shhhhh… don’t tell her!]

I read some more and asked around, and found out that a certification is pretty much compulsory. So, I enrolled in the CSM (Certified ScrumMaster) course through agile42. The course occurred mid-August. It was facilitated extremely well (thank you, Peter Hundermark!) and I met exceptional people there. I actually grasped what was going on around me, and I passed the exam which followed. I am a certified non-rugby-related Scrum Master! TA-DAH!!!!

Now comes the really interesting bit – diving head first into Scrum, and at the same time, trying to convince the companies that are hiring, that I can get the “non-negotiable” experience they require on the run, while I’m getting my hands dirty in a role. I understand the hesitation though – I know me, and my past experiences and they don’t [yet].

I’m a little past halfway through the process with a company that seems to have an amazing workplace culture, and is populated by a fabulous and dedicated group of people. [This is *not* me hinting!]

On a lighter note, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure I don’t type “SCUM Master” by accident. *gasp*

I hope upon hope that The Universe and I are conspiring in the same direction on this one! *wink*

asinghlife alfriendo retrenchment recess

But if not, I suppose I will just have to go and find some smelly guys in white shorts elsewhere. 😛

*The jobless zombie mob going to parks, shows, and restaurants around the city with a strange and concerning disregard for the level of the mythical bank balance.

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