Intellectual deconstruction

Intellectual deconstruction

The narrow mind finds its deconstruction
in the narrowness of its recesses,
the shrinking of the passages due to
mindless subscription to popular opinion.

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Popular is hardly as popular as is popularly regarded;
the thinking and actions are time-retarded.
The deconstruction of regard
high, low or otherwise, broken into shards

of the sharpest, glassiest, most able-to-shred
the very skin of the consciousness of your Own Thinking.
Own thought is never sold,
though never have stories been told

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wherein success was gained through sheeping along
singing that song, the damned popular song.
Never has milestone or breakthrough been achieved,
neither have bloodthirsty knives been sheathed.

intellectual deconstruction - bloodthirsty knivesFrom

© Annalinde Louw 2012

Having a narrow mind can lead you up a path off a very high cliff… avoid intellectual deconstruction, don’t live according to popular assumption.

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This piece was written on 29 December 2012