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Retrenchment Recess: Episode 2

Retrenchment Recess:

Episode 2

A few months ago, I started singing lessons. I’d been coached for a while a few years ago, but the coach and I had some differences relating to genre focus, and the non-operatic capability of my vocal range, and as such, we parted ways eventually. I am really enjoying my singing lessons now, and I get along really well with my new vocal coach. Happiness.

So, it’s been quite handy with all this free time (when I’m not swanning from coffee shop to coffee shop) that I can go to class and then come home and spend the rest of the good and creative mood thrashing out some ideas on the piano while the music is still rushing through my veins, much like the waters in a raging river heading towards a waterfall.

asinghlife retrenchment recesss

Not that kind of waterfall! I do sing pretty much all the time, but somehow I don’t find myself singing in the shower… maybe, being a Piscean, I’m just enjoying being a Fish in the water way too much.

I have never written a song before. I write a fair amount (of words), relatively easily (you may have figured that part out by now), but up to now, I have not been able to splice a melody with the words partying in my head. Recently, I was just driving around, when a 4-line chorus along with its melody came into my head. Little did I know, that was just the beginning.

The only conscious thought I really had about it, is that I want to write music that brings a worthwhile message to the listener. I am sick and tired of songs that are really just spreading negativity and nonsense.

asinghlife retrenchment recess

This past Sunday, I sang my first own finalised song, ‘Let the sunshine’, co-written by my vocal coach, at the singing school concert (so, pretty much, in public! *gasp*). We had about 107 previous versions and I am very happy with the that way version 108 (indeed, the final) turned out.

You should be able to watch that video here. Bear in mind that the video quality isn’t great and that I am sharing my wins and my fails with you (lucky you!) – I was incredibly nervous and my voice trembled (unintentionally) a fair bit! Do mind that false start at the beginning… <snort> One would think one could not start one’s own song at the wrong moment… despite what my perfectionist tendencies broadcast to my brain, it’s not a big deal and it will surely be better next time!

asinghlife retrenchment recess

I am currently penning Song Number 4 (read that in a gameshow host voice) – and look so forward to tweaking, polishing and finalising them along with my vocal coach… It’s been a really fun and interesting journey thus far. I am so thankful to have met someone who I can work with so well and so easily. Thank you, Universe!

I’m sure eventually I will start a YouTube channel with some custom videos… I look forward to getting there and sharing them with you. Watch this space!

And so, A Singh A is born… (see what I did there? Bwahahahaha!)

It just shows you, The Universe really does conspire – A LOT… what you do, you attract… I may be taking small steps; this journey has just begun and will surely never end!

asinghlife retrenchment recess