Retrenchment Recess: Episode 8 – FINALE

Retrenchment Recess:

Episode 8

The Finale

So, as it turns out, eye-roll-initiating sayings like, “There is always hope.”, do tend to be true.

There certainly is always hope. Thanks to ONE helpful friend who passed on contact details, ONE helpful UIF employee, and countless other ones who couldn’t give a damn, my UIF claim was eventually paid out!

A big victory for me – but I have to stop and wonder for how many people the light at the end of the UIF tunnel never becomes a good thing.

It saddens me to know that we live in a country with so many people being retrenched, cost of living going up, taxes going up, companies closing down; unemployment and crime are higher than ever, the ANC hosts events, and Dear Ol’ JZ builds mansions with taxpayer money. Of course, this topic has been discussed ‘to death’ in the media, the courtroom, and Joe Citizen’s house. Alas, as has become apparent when it comes to the ANC, nobody is accountable for their corrupt actions, their crimes, or their blatant disrespect for the people of South Africa.

asinghlife alfriendo retrenchment recess finale

Let’s consider the details of my UIF claim:

UIF application made in July 2015

UIF final payout February 2016

Is this OK? NO.

Should people be put through this excruciating process when they’re already at a vulnerable place in their lives, financially, and emotionally? NO.

Should Jacob Zuma be held accountable for the rubbish way in which he and his party are running (rather, ruining) the country? NO.

I’ve come to the realization that he is not able to understand what he is doing. He is in the game for himself, and that will never change…

WE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for letting these clowns continue to bulldoze everything Madiba and so many other heroes fought and worked so hard for, and in so many cases, DIED for!

I am sick to death of everything being discussed around racial divisions. We are not one race group or another. We are not one language group or another. We are not one socio-economic bracket or another. We are not one religious group or another.

WE ARE THE PEOPLE! We are going to have to unite to get rid of this terrible group of people who use power for their own gain. Let us step up and make our voices heard!

asinghlife alfriendo retrenchment recess finale

So, as usual, I’ve digressed. The heading and the content are not that related anymore. But hey, this is my blog. Thanks for reading! 🙂

We’re ending on a positive note – you will not have to read another retrenchment- or UIF-related post for the foreseeable future! 😀

retrenchment recess finale alfriendo asinghlife


Unite against corruption

Africa unite

That’s all folks