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These sketches are the result of some DIY teach-myself-to-draw fun I had on my Samsung tablet.  I am by no means an artist, and I was exploring getting better at drawing, so… don’t expect a Picasso masterpiece. Nonetheless, I hope you can relate and that you enjoy them!

The ideas behind these sketches originate from my burning desire to inspire others to inspire themselves. Some of these ideas are anchored in literature (e.g. The Tyger) or music (Living in the moment); most are simply random ideas that came to me, made me smile, and stuck with me for so long that I had to share them with you.

#BeYourOwnHero – it’s not as complicated as it may sound!

While there is clearly value in using other people’s successes as a driving force for your own, I think that the value is exponential when you become your own hero and your own source of fiery inspiration. It is not a necessity to look to others for motivation. If you do something amazing, you prove to yourself that it’s possible, and it can only get even better from there!


If you take small steps, and improve yourself or your life one step at a time, you’ll be absolutely blown away by the incredible snowball effect that can have. Take it one day at a time; commit; work hard, and #BeYourOwnHero – it really is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself.

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