Retrenchment Recess: Episode 8 – FINALE

Retrenchment Recess:

Episode 8

The Finale

So, as it turns out, eye-roll-initiating sayings like, “There is always hope.”, do tend to be true.

There certainly is always hope. Thanks to ONE helpful friend who passed on contact details, ONE helpful UIF employee, and countless other ones who couldn’t give a damn, my UIF claim was eventually paid out!

A big victory for me – but I have to stop and wonder for how many people the light at the end of the UIF tunnel never becomes a good thing.

It saddens me to know that we live in a country with so many people being retrenched, cost of living going up, taxes going up, companies closing down; unemployment and crime are higher than ever, the ANC hosts events, and Dear Ol’ JZ builds mansions with taxpayer money. Of course, this topic has been discussed ‘to death’ in the media, the courtroom, and Joe Citizen’s house. Alas, as has become apparent when it comes to the ANC, nobody is accountable for their corrupt actions, their crimes, or their blatant disrespect for the people of South Africa.

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Let’s consider the details of my UIF claim:

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Retrenchment Recess: Episode 7

Retrenchment Recess:

Episode 7

Sitting in the UIF line online…


Following my previous post, a few things have happened.

One of these was not the UIF fulfilling their pretty basic function and paying me the money I’m due. One would ordinarily start a sentence like that with “sadly” or “unforunately”, but I don’t even have the capacity to feel sad or unfortunate at the moment. I am enraged, in a strange calm and calculating kind of way. The UIF and its incompetence is an utter disgrace, and the people who work there should be ashamed of themselves and their superiors. And we should all be ashamed of the government, because they are letting us all down!


Let’s be clear – this post is not essentially about me and the money I am owed by the UIF. It is about a matter in principle. It is about the fact that there are countless poor people out there who are shoved down and trodden on by the government when they’re at their most vulnerable.

So, despite the fact that I started every conversation at the UIF centre in Randburg with, “I’ve applied online, but…”, it took multiple sessions of wasting-of-my-life there before I was told that they can’t process online application queries there and rudely sent away with an email address scribbled on a torn-off corner of paper. This address was for Deon van Niekerk, Assistant Director, e-operations…

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Julius Malema, what’s your disruption really worth?

Disruption - Julius Malema

We arrive at this disheartening split in the road,

singing a melodic chorus of grumbles and groans.

At the very mention of route decision
we crumple up our tired faces in disgust.
The mediocrity of behaviour makes us recoil
like the sight of a ruptured boil,

onto which the casual gaze was abruptly thrust.

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A Western paradigm

A Western Paradigm

You know, all things considered, South Africa is still one of the best places to be, especially on this continent. Here, we have great weather, very limited exposure to natural disasters, friendly and pleasant people, a thriving tourism industry, and astonishing natural treasures, to name but a few.

However, there’s always that one person who has to spoil it for the bigger group… our dear President, Jacob Zuma, never ceases to amaze me.

From his words to his actions, he appears keen on making more enemies every single day. Recently, insights from a detailed analysis of his submission to the National Prosecuting Authority were brought to the fore by City Press.

Some of my favourites:

  • Corruption is only classed as crime in a Western paradigm

So I guess that suddenly makes all your shady activities acceptable, then?

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Criminals: who are “they”?

A big question not often pondered; Criminals: Who are they?

Not too long ago, I was robbed of my most prized possession – my late father’s wedding band. And it was really due to my own stupidity, as a driver in Johannesburg, sitting distracted; staring at the sidewalk with the car window wide open. These criminals… who are they?

After the initial cloud of disgust and trauma dissipated, I was left, as one is, a powerless victim, receiving little help from the Police service; just another statistic (actually, not even a statistic, as I was unable to report the case!)…

Then I got annoyed with myself that I didn’t at least scream something profound to the criminal as he made his escape, “This is not what Madiba worked for!”

All in all, an unnecessary event most likely caused by someone living in poverty just doing what he thought was necessary in order to get by.


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