asinghlife retrenchment recess

Retrenchment Recess: Episode 4

Retrenchment Recess:

Episode 4

 5 Things being retrenched makes you wonder about

1) Was my job really that pointless and fickle in the eyes of the company?

asinghlife retrenchment recess

As one sits for the umpteenth day at home, or at a coffice (yes, that is a real word!) doing something that seems important at the time, this question is bound to pop up, possibly even a few times a day. When being retrenched, one is naturally geared to go through the cycle of accepting change; and somewhere between denial, anger, and acceptance, it sinks in that the company probably had no real idea of what each person was doing or what it meant i.t.o. of the bigger picture. It often just comes down to the technicalities of headcount and companies doing marathon swims in that murky pool labelled cutting costs.

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Plotting your way to health

Plotting your way to health

plotting your way to health

Some of you may know that I’m not a big fan of dogma. I do hope that I’ve made it pretty obvious.

However, this one principle that has been described as dogmatic, I find quite useful when trying to improve in any way whatsoever.

I may not subscribe to such ideas when relating to life philosophy, or maybe even in business, but I do believe it makes sense in this case:

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

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Micropoetry Episode 2

Micropoetry: Episode 2

A draped haze sits loosely around the shoulders of Madame Moon;
my gaze, trapped by Her eyes: bewilderingly soothing witchcraft magic.
Sail busily through days and miss this treasure?
Pelagic tragedy.

28 Nov 2014


The sizzling, glistening Orb
holds all of our bated life-breath.
In less than a second, threatens
to absorb all the World’s Dreams:
left gliding, mistily evaporating
limp and lifeless.
All your days: less concern for others’ views.
Awaken your Heart, don’t live life on snooze…

30 Nov 2014


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Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter

Today as I write, my motivation is pretty low. I’m not superhuman; and I think we all go there once in a while. Things are not going according to plan with a few aspects of life, and here I am, down in the dumps.

I injured my leg (hip, adductor and surrounds) and hence can do basically no exercise without risking further injury. Having become highly reliant on my daily dose of exercise to build energy and decrease stress levels, this “inability” frustrates me immensely.

Having enjoyed a short chat with a colleague a little while ago, I realised that I truly need to listen to my own advice today – I often tell people that when it comes to eating healthily and exercising, and improving your life in general,

Only you can help you – if you need a hero, it needs to be YOU.

What it really comes down to is is one simple decision: be happy, or be unhappy.

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Clouds are the enemy

Clouds are the enemy

I wander along a deserted, misty beach.

I search for some reason; meaning; wisdom; oxygen;

a conclusion that my stubbornly-beating heart must reach.

The dawn of each day attacks me like a violent pathogen:

devouring my rationality, logic and creativity;

not letting up at all, not giving me a moment’s chance to see

the path drawn open for me,

the path drawn so very wide open just for me.

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More power

More power

More power - Johannesburg: head in the clouds

Johannesburg: head in the clouds…

The masses of soft and inviting pillows

carrying our cares away on lovely, floaty billows.





evaporating our sorrows in a wispy rush of delight.

And thus we descend into the dreamy night

wherein we can assess our flaws by pools of ashy light:

assess the process to regress into madness.

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