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Retrenchment Recess: Episode 3

Retrenchment Recess:

Episode 3

All the while, between writing songs, singing, and swanning from coffee shop to coffee shop, here are a few benefits of being retrenched that I’ve noticed. Yes, they’re all a bit tongue-in-cheek, because nobody wants to wonder whether they can pay their bills, and nobody is poking fun at being financially insecure or losing your job. I’m just trying to see a few rays of light while I’m here…

1) I get to spend a lot more time with our sweet pooches, Jazz (a.k.a. Fatty/ Sneaky, Beardy/ Jazz-Bum/ Schnackles) and Nibbles (a.k.a. Queen Nibbles/ The Niblet/ Little One/ Fluff-Bum/ Nibble-Stinks).

asinghlife retrenchment recess

On a chilly winter’s morning, there are few things better than having a cup of coffee while these two give me some serious hugs! It’s been such a pleasure being able to spend more time with them. Nibbles loves to run and fetch the ball (she could be a little mental though, because it is a lawn bowl and could easily crush her, but that is the only ball she hasn’t been able to shred…). Jazz loves learning new things, like basic agility. The only downside to all this fun Furchild time is that I realise they bark ALL THE TIME (Hey, don’t look at me!)

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More power

More power

More power - Johannesburg: head in the clouds

Johannesburg: head in the clouds…

The masses of soft and inviting pillows

carrying our cares away on lovely, floaty billows.





evaporating our sorrows in a wispy rush of delight.

And thus we descend into the dreamy night

wherein we can assess our flaws by pools of ashy light:

assess the process to regress into madness.

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An ode to Johannesburg

An ode to Johannesburg


Too many people let South Africa’s mysterious beauty pass them by…

Johannesburg – your mysteries are many… your wonders are untold.

Your secrets float upon a once-stifled breeze and enter the minds of the uneasy crowds holding back and throbbing their lives towards some further, some higher, some more; some other platform whereupon they wish for their hearts to be further, higher and more… simply more.

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Julius Malema, what’s your disruption really worth?

Disruption - Julius Malema

We arrive at this disheartening split in the road,

singing a melodic chorus of grumbles and groans.

At the very mention of route decision
we crumple up our tired faces in disgust.
The mediocrity of behaviour makes us recoil
like the sight of a ruptured boil,

onto which the casual gaze was abruptly thrust.

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Criminals: who are “they”?

A big question not often pondered; Criminals: Who are they?

Not too long ago, I was robbed of my most prized possession – my late father’s wedding band. And it was really due to my own stupidity, as a driver in Johannesburg, sitting distracted; staring at the sidewalk with the car window wide open. These criminals… who are they?

After the initial cloud of disgust and trauma dissipated, I was left, as one is, a powerless victim, receiving little help from the Police service; just another statistic (actually, not even a statistic, as I was unable to report the case!)…

Then I got annoyed with myself that I didn’t at least scream something profound to the criminal as he made his escape, “This is not what Madiba worked for!”

All in all, an unnecessary event most likely caused by someone living in poverty just doing what he thought was necessary in order to get by.


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