The beauty in his death

The beauty in his death


The intriguing journey of life brought you to a place

with boundless happiness, faith, hope, and love,

and years worth of laughter etched upon your face;

you now walk to the welcoming, loving arms of the One above.


Your kind manner and soft-spoken words will surely be amiss.

The absence of your loving heart and concern for others,

your wisdom, logic, and limitless breadth of knowledge leave an empty space

that can never be filled, but will be eased over time only by God’s Grace.

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Nameless wonder (Untitled)

Nameless wonder (Untitled)


Explanations, determinations and reiterations

haze up the blue canvas of sky in my mind;

again, again, again, words play like on radio stations,

not knowing of the sunshine which hides behind. 
Time, rhyme, lemon and lime –

all things different in the end add up to one whole,

showing us a confused burst of meaning

which none of us will ever grasp.
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The world

The world

This is the world: it is upside-down;

a smile is a frown,

a verb is a noun,

a hamlet is a town.


This is the world: it is inside-out;

a whisper is a shout,

a grin is a pout,

a good man is a lout.


This is the world: it gobbles you up;

you deserve a goblet, you get a tin cup;

you deserve a palace, you get locked up;

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Turmoil rules my mind.

A cloudless orbit through this life I can not find.

Choice and circumstance

form an avalanche:

waves of confusion engulf my serenity.

The end of the stream is concealed somewhere that I can’t see.


I wonder whether I shall care to search for my objective

while the only thoughts slithering through my mind are interjective?

I haven’t yet received orders from above me in the chain of command;

I surmise it is something I am supposed to demand.

But I crave to be free from this bureaucratic conglomeration

that everyone calls a new and independent nation. 

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Pointless torrents

Pointless torrents

Tides rush down my face and through my soul;

some of anger, some of anguish, some of no description at all.

These emotions are all-consuming;

but times, like tides, are progressing to a notable point.
The moment lets me freeze inside an infinite thought;

an idea, a theory, an unwritable hypothesis,

concluding in the casting out of one by another;

excluding nothing but the understanding of one by another.
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The rainbow is broken

The rainbow is broken


The rainbow is broken; twisted, jaded, cracked and faded.

A once-loved token; that existed – now degraded. What it lacked had made it


the most beautiful reminder of a glorious reality now left so far behind: There in the dusty recesses of time it’ll wait until someone would see the value lying there, wasted, in the shadows of a mind once fruitful; useful, truthful, youthful.

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