Utopia; you know you’re here,

when we say we don’t give in to fear.

We wear the panic around our necks

and sleep sweetly hoping the need does not arise

for us to awaken and in shock, widen our eyes,

press the button, hold our breaths waiting

for help to arrive; assistance in this situation

when we don’t give in to fear even though the panic is here.


utopia - panic

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Emotions build a giant mass of towering obstruction

blocking off the sun, the air; the rigid, reassuring reminder of reality;

not allowing the usual broad-minded deduction

that the eye within the spirit can clearly see.


Courage – so easy to speak of this concept of fortitude;

the display – not so simple, is it now?

The presence of which in one’s context may elude,

the elusion of which we should not allow.


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I am humanity