The rainbow is broken

The rainbow is broken


The rainbow is broken; twisted, jaded, cracked and faded.

A once-loved token; that existed – now degraded. What it lacked had made it


the most beautiful reminder of a glorious reality now left so far behind: There in the dusty recesses of time it’ll wait until someone would see the value lying there, wasted, in the shadows of a mind once fruitful; useful, truthful, youthful.

Aged by the diseased particles that inhabit the night sky certain things hidden from the naked eye for a reason; tainted feelings leave you rotting inside,


until you wake all alone in a world full of fallen beings,


and float along looking for meaning only to realise that you’ve rotted all the way through; and nobody even notices any part of you.  


the rainbow is broken

© Annalinde Louw 2009

This piece was written on 22 November 2009

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