The Presidential Beach


The Presidential Beach

Check your heartbeat; are you alert, alive?

Have we ever been, or are we simply blameworthy?

Party to a vast crime – apathy of the first degree?


Instead of sitting around

café-gossiping about the fashions of the day,

we need to relay collectively, constructively –

for all to hear, feel and see:

I demand to be free! I refuse to be misused!

I refuse to be a victim of the President’s malcontent.


Mr President, please, please! Don’t make us pay for your palace.

Criminally callous – the people are starving…

Mr President, please, please! It’s in your hands, it’s within your reach.

Please, don’t build yourself a private presidential beach;

gusts of our tears

sifting silently into

breakers of our blood.

©Annalinde Louw 2014

photo credit: frankieleon, ShellyS, Dennis Wehrmannkhalid Albaih

via photopin

This piece was written on 30 December 2013.

Edited on 7 January, 2014. Thanks to RB for the comments.