To whom it may not concern

To whom it may not concern

Why is the sunshine constantly evading me?

I stand somewhere and I physically see it fade away.

It floats off to another place away from me,

and I shiver in the gloomy darkness day after day.


Am I busy living a lie?

Am I cold and dead inside?

Am I not doing anything right?

Am I to be stuck in this endless night?


How do I make things change?

I must try to fix these cuts and cracks;

and gain the wisdom my mind lacks,

the pieces of the puzzle must rearrange.


Am I supposed to speak up?

To whom?

To whom it may not concern,

I desperately need fresh air.


They couldn’t care. 

to whom it may not concern

© Annalinde Louw 2007

This piece was written on 28 October 2007

Image found online using Google Images.

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